Yonex Poly Tour Rev White Tennis 17G String Set

$30.00 CAD

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Looking for a string with a mean bite? Take a look at the Poly Tour Rev 17G Tennis String Set from Yonex...

This string is designed for aggressive baseline players with a fast swing who are looking to access serious spin without compromising on control. The intense bite provided by the Poly Tour Rev Polyester String comes from Yonex's innovative SIF (Silicone Infused Filament) technology.

Although it may be slightly less durable than the 16 gauge version, this 17 gauge version of the Poly Tour Rev will allow you to soak up the pace of your opponent and then return their shot with feel, accuracy, and spin. This eye-catching bright orange string will be sure to turn a few heads and keep your racquet looking great.

Yonex Poly Tour Rev White Tennis 17G String Set

Material: Polyester (Monofilament)