Wilson Revolve 16G Tennis String Set White

$17.00 CAD

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Perfect for players looking to access some serious spin with control, check out the Wilson Revolve Spin Tennis String!

This shaped co-polymer string has incorporated numerous features to boost spin, including a pentagonal shape which enhances slice, and UHMW additive which creates a low-friction surface for sharper snap-back.

This string is recommended for big hitters looking to hit with great accuracy and intense spin, but, it also has a stiff construction to further benefit control, creating a beautiful blend of the two. If you're an advanced player looking to 'paint the lines' with spin and accuracy, then check out the Wilson Revolve Spin Tennis String.

Wilson Revolve Tennis String Set White

Featuring a unique pentagonal shape and low-friction UHMW material, Revolve Spin grabs the ball and delivers an exceptional bite. This string's crosslink ester polymer composition amplifies feel and tension maintenance - proving a great option for aggressive players looking to swing big while keeping the ball inside the lines.