Wilson Pro Overgrip 12 pack

$29.99 CAD

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Ideal for those tough, sweaty matches, the Wilson Pro Overgrip will keep your hands nice and dry allowing you to stay fully focused on your game.

Coming in a handy 12 pack so you don't need to worry about running out, the Pro Overgrip is thin and stretchy, allowing the user to maintain a great level of feel for the racquet.

There's a reason that this grip is so popular, it's trustworthy. After reading numerous reviews, it becomes clear that this is the preferred grip of many players. It's durable yet comfortable and it's tacky too so you don't need to worry about the racquet slipping in your hand!

Wilson Pro Overgrip 12 pack

The grip of choice for many pros on Tour, Pro Overgrip delivers a variety of benefits that sets it apart from the competition. Its super thin, high-stretch felt provides superb feel for an extended period of time. The standard for overgrips in today's game, Pro Overgrip is preferred by players of all ages and abilities for its value, comfort and durability.