Wilson NXT 16 Comfort Multifilament Tennis String Set

$32.00 CAD

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Wilson's NXT 16 tennis string provides an incredible feel and comfort. It features Wilson's proprietary Xycro Fibers impregnated with PU which is what provides it was such a nice feel and comfort.

The string features an X-bonded core which increases tension maintenance and power, it also produces a 10% larger sweet spot and 74% less shock in comparison to traditional synthetic gut tennis string.

There's a reason the NXT 16 is one of Wilson's best selling tennis strings!

Wilson NXT 16 Comfort Multifilament Tennis String Set

Featuring proprietary Xycro Micro-Fibers impregnated with PU for enhanced comfort and power, NXT is the world's most popular multifilament string. Sporting a larger sweet spot than traditional synthetic gut string and a fraction of its shock, NXT has stood the test of time for good reason. For installation, handly gently and avoid over-clamping and crimping