Tourna Grip XL 10 Pack

$25.95 CAD

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Tourna are experts when it comes to making tennis grips and their Original XL Overgrip is one of the best selling grips in the world of tennis!

The Tourna Original XL Overgrip is designed for optimum performance and comfort, even when wet, there's no wonder why it's labelled as 'the light blue grip that does not slip'!

It's perfect for playing tough matches and training sessions, indoor and outdoor, on those hot days where sweat could be an issue, keeping your hands dry and in control is still no problem for the Tourna Original XL Overgrip!

Why not stock up with this awesome 10 pack? You won't be running out any time soon!

Tourna Grip XL 10 Pack

Tourna Grip is the choice of the professionals. This is the original creation, a dry feel grip that really soaks up sweat. It is ideal for hot humid days for a firm grip. It becomes tacky when wet – unlike other grips which slip when wet.  Tourna Grip simply outperforms any other grip on the market.