Tecnifibre DYNAMIX VP 1.15 Black Squash String Reel

$329.95 CAD

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Leaders in squash string technology, Tecnifibre, have created a string that is ideal for players looking for power, comfort, and resistance. Check out the Tecnifibre DNAMIX VP string...

Comfort is the absolute focus of this awesome string, it's made up of elastyl, which is 12% more elastic than polyamide, polyurethane, which absorbs vibrations and increases string comfort, and a silicone finish.

Tecnifibre know what they're doing when it comes to squash strings!

Tecnifibre DYNAMIX VP 1.15 Black Squash String Reel

Leading brand in ropes, Tecnifibre has built its success on the design and production in France of the first multifilament ropes. These squash strings are made with specificities related to the requirements of squash and cannot be strung on tennis racquets. Thanks to the assembly of several hundred microfilaments, impregnated to the heart in liquid polyurethane, Tecnifibre offers players the opportunity to gain in power and performance. The particularity of this range is to offer an appreciable flexibility, in particular in the event of off-center shots and on parallels allowing a very good return.