Tecnifibre 305 1.10mm Green Squash String - Reel

$309.95 CAD

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Tecnifibre 305 1.10mm squash string plays beautifully. The thinner gauge offers enhanced cut and power both of which are nice attributes of course. As they are quite thin they are less durable than more traditional 1.20mm/17 gauge string. Tecnifibre's 305 green string whether it is the 1.20mm or the 1.10mm string is a very soft string which many players love. If you love the feel of Tecnifibre's 305 string and are looking for the ultimate in playbility the Tecnifibre 305 1.10mm string is a great choice.

Tecnifibre 305 1.10 SPL 660'/200m Reel

New squash string with Silicon Pyrogene Lubritec, SPL, technology that reduces elongation and improves durability by 40%. Also, its micro-composite fibers provide high resiliency for increased power, while the polyurethane in the string reduces shock during ball impact.