Solinco Tour Bite 17G 200m Tennis String Reel

$220.00 CAD

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With the Solinco Tour Bite Tennis String, the clue is in the name... this string does an incredible job of biting the ball for extreme levels of spin!

Thanks to its square-shaped profile, users of this awesome string are able to hit with some serious, aggressive cut when attacking during tough matches. Plus, the Tour Bite is a co-polyester monofilament string that is also renowned for the supreme power that it delivers!

Last, but not least, even though you'll be slicing, cutting, spinning, and hitting with pace, this string is also created to be durable and to stand the test of time, making the Solinco Tour Bite a string you can put your trust into!

Solinco Tour Bite 17G 200m Tennis String Reel

A newly developed, high-performance and versatile co-polyester string designed to generate extreme power and intense spin and bite.

Utilizes an innovative, high-powered co-polyester monofilament fiber designed and shaped to generate maximum power while amplifying the spin and bite intensity of the ball.