Penn QST 36 Red/Yellow Felt Quick Start Tennis Balls 3-pack

$5.95 CAD

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The Penn QST 36 Quick Start Felt Ball is ideal for juniors aged 8 and under just getting started on their tennis journey who are looking to get a feel for the game.

Due to the ball's low compression core, the bounce and speed of the ball is much easier to predict and control. The Penn QST 36 is a great option for fun tennis drills and hand eye co-ordination exercises with young players.

Penn QST 36 Quick Start Felt Tennis Balls 3-Pack

Ideal for beginning players 8 and under playing on a 36' tennis court, the QST 36 Felt features a low compression core modifying the speed and bounce for greater control. With durable felt and a lively bounce, the QST 36 Felt is perfect for driveway play and outdoor courts.

Approved by the US Tennis Association, the International Tennis Federation, and endorsed by the Professional Tennis Registry.