Penn 26 Indoor Pickleballs - Box of 100

$379.00 CAD

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The Penn 26 Indoor Pickleball provides that true bounce which players of all standards look for on indoor surfaces.

This ball's awesome bold colour stands out against all kinds of backgrounds so you can be sure you'll never lose sight of it, plus, this new design provides excellent and consistent performance with no skid when it makes contact with the ground.

Why not stock up and get yourself a lasting supply with this handy box of 100 Penn 26 balls.

Penn 26 Indoor Pickleballs - Box of 100

The Penn 26 Indoor ball is a perfectly high-quality and versatile ball for all levels of indoor play. New to Penn's range of high-quality performance products across multiple sports, the Penn 26 Indoor is USAPA approved and offers enhanced visibility with a vibrant red color which will stand out against any indoor background or wooden surfaces. The Penn 26 also is specifically designed for a true bounce on indoor wooden surfaces with no skid which provides consistent playability for all players, from recreational to tournament.