Oliver Apex 520 CE Squash Racquet

$207.00 CAD

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If you're an attacking player looking to take the ball early and control the pace of play on your own terms with a flurry of volleys, the Oliver Apex 520 CE is an excellent choice...

Weighing 125 grams unstrung and coming with a slightly headlight balance point, the Apex 520 CE is light and very maneuverable, making it also very fast to play with. It is ideal for players who prefer to use a shorter, more punchy swing, especially when volleying. However, the teardrop frame shape will help you access a bit of power if you need it too.

The 'CE' in the name stands for 'Champions Edition' and this racquet is also endorsed by German squash legend Simon Rösner. According to Rösner, “This is a very light and dynamic racket, with very good ball acceleration and control, thus ideally suited for the offensive player."

Oliver Apex 520 CE Squash Racquet

Ideal racket for the offensive player. The low weight and the concave frame profile guarantee power and control at the highest level of the play.

Material: Eplon™+K12
Weight: 125 (Unstrung) / 145 (Strung)
Balance: Slightly Head Light
String Pattern: 14 x 18