NXTgen Atlas White & Black Pickleball Paddle

$155.00 CAD

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Looking for a paddle that's optimised for spin, created for consistency, and designed for accuracy, that doesn't break the bank? The NXTgen Atlas Pickleball Paddle is almost definitely the paddle for you!

Coming with a huge sweet spot that does a great job of reducing mishits and maximising consistency, you can be fully confident in all of your shots with the Atlas, plus, the paddle's Toray T700 Raw Carbon Fibre face helps users deliver maximum spin, and, its Unibody Carbon Fibre Construction boosts the paddle's durability, longevity, and gives even more power!

The NXTgen Atlas Pickleball Paddle comes with a shorter handle, making it perfect for one-handed backhanders, and, since it's lightweight, its agile maneuverability makes it ideal for fast reactions and early attacks at the kitchen.

If you're more of an offensive player, the Atlas has superb spin and a great weighting to assist that style, however, if you're a more controlled, defensive player, the feel provided by this paddle makes it perfect for resets and consistent accuracy.

NXTgen Atlas White & Black Pickleball Paddle

The ATLAS lets players experience a top-quality pickleball paddle at a great price. The Raw Carbon Fiber surface provides much more spin and control compared to older fiberglass surfaces.
Great for players who are looking for more control and consistency in their game without sacrificing spin. Comparable in quality and play to other popular non-thermoformed control paddles on the market like the Selkirk Vanguard 2.0 ($280), CRBN
($250), and SLK Halo Max ($190).

Shape: Standard
Weight: 7.6-7.8 oz
Length: 16.0"
Width: 8.0"
Handle Length: 4.75 in.

Grip Size: 4 1/4"
Edgeguard: Yes
Core Material: Polypropylene Honeycomb (8mm cells)
Face Material: Raw Carbon Fiber (Toray T700)
USA Pickleball Approved: Yes