Luxilon 125 Element Tennis String Set

$36.95 CAD

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Optimise your tennis game with the Luxilon 125 Element Tennis String!

This soft string allows a significant level of versatility, allowing you to get the best out of fast and slow-paced shots. The 125 Element provides a great amount of comfort thanks to its incredible vibration dampening qualities.

Ideal for more technical tennis players, this copolyester monofil string cushions returns of shots with high levels of spin. It also allows you to access higher spin accuracy with your own shots.

Luxilon 125 Element Tennis String Set

Featuring multi-mono technology for additional touch and feel, Luxilon Element comprises a soft texture perfect for players with fast, big swings who dislike harsh vibrations caused by stiffer polyester strings. Ranking at or near the top for Luxilon in both softness and comfort, this string delivers remarkable precision and spin in the absence of vibrations.