Head Synthetic Gut 16g Tennis String Reel

$79.95 CAD

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Perfect for recreational players looking to add some power to their baseline game, check out the Head Synthetic Gut 16g Tennis String.

This awesome string features a solid core, a soft multifilament outer wrap, and a low-friction coating... the perfect ingredients for providing ultimate power and control for all-round players.

This 16 gauge string is on the thicker side and is great for players looking for a longer-lasting, more durable string to equip with their racquet.

Head Synthetic Gut 16g Tennis String Reel

A solid core is now all you need for your baseline game. The New Synthetic Gut features a solid core and a soft multifilament outer wrap as well as a low-friction coating - the perfect prerequisites for power and control for the all-around player who is ready to hit the weekend league courts.