Head Speed 120 Squash Racquet (2023)

$199.95 CAD

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The 2023 version of the renowned Head Speed 120 Squash Racquet has landed and it's ideal for players who value the combination of speed, touch, and accuracy...

Weighing 120 grams, this racquet is pretty maneuverable and fast to play with, however, it has a head-heavy balance point which allows players to access an excellent burst of power if they want to. The Head Speed 120 has a thicker 20mm beam than its brother racquet (the 120 Slimbody), which helps add a bit of power and provides a slightly stiffer feel to the frame.

The Head Speed 120 also features Head's renowned Graphene 360+ Speed technology that gives users an incredibly clean feel on impact with the ball. It also comes strung with an open 12 x 17 string pattern that provides great levels of power, however, if you're looking for a little more control, it can be restrung with a more dense 16 x 17 pattern thanks to Head's innovative Adaptive Fan Pattern.

This fresh 2023 design features a clean black colour scheme with splashes of slick bronze branding across the frame including an iconic Paul Coll signature to remind you what this racquet is capable of.

Head Speed 120 Squash Racquet (2023)

Ultimate Speed Play an even faster game with the refreshed Speed series. Upgraded with innovative Auxetic technology for more touch and a softer feel, these racquets offer an ultra-modern blend of speed, maneuverability and power.

Weight: 120 g / 4.2 oz
String pattern: 12/17, 16/17
Head size: 500 cm² / 78 in²
Grip size: 3 7/8
Balance: head heavy
Beam: 20 mm