HEAD RIP Control 17G String Set /Natural

$16.95 CAD

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HEAD RIP Control is a multifilament string that has a more muted feel to it than the normally very lively feel of multifilament strings. Its muted feel is fairly unique in this style of string. It is not overtly power like a lot of multifilament strings but it is still very comfortable to play with. Its more muted feel really allows you to take a good RIP at the ball and still maintain control. It is thus very aptly named!

HEAD RIP Control 17G String Set

The RIP CONTROL is a well-blended easy-to-handle multifilament string perfect for the versatile tournament and club player who need a bit of power support for the weekend league games and training session. Thanks to the exclusive RIP Technology (which also gives the string its name), the string's special construction provides outstanding control so that you can change the pace and power whenever you need to.