Head Radical 120 Slimbody Squash Racquet (2022)

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The 2022 version of the awesome Head Radical 120 Slimbody has landed and it certainly doesn't disappoint, it's ideal for players who value consistent accuracy and fast-paced play...

This lightweight, maneuverable racquet weighs 120 grams which makes it very fast to play with, however, it also has an even balance point so you can get a bit of weight behind the swing if you need to. The word 'Slimbody' in the racquet's name refers to its thin, aerodynamic 16mm beam which helps you access some extra head speed and scrape tight shots off the side walls and floor.

The Head Radical Slimbody 120 sports Head's Auxetic construction that provides exceptional levels of feel on every shot, plus, it features an open 14 x 17 string pattern to give users some added power, however, if you're looking for more control, you can get this racquet restrung with a more-dense 18 x 17 string pattern too.

Finally, just take a look at that incredible new modern asymmetrical design and clean, smart colour scheme.

Head Radical 120 Slimbody Squash Racquet (2022)

Choose the RADICAL 120 SLIMBODY SQUASH RACQUET - which is the lightest racquet in the RADICAL series - if you are an advanced, technical player who values accuracy above anything else. With its thin beam, this racquet is aerodynamic and simple to maneuver, making it easier to retrieve balls that are close to the wall, while the new Auxetic construction offers more touch and a softer feel. The racquet's new, asymmetrical design - which includes bold pops of orange - adds to its modern appeal.

Frame Weight: 120g / 4.2oz
String Pattern: 14/17 (or it can be restrung in a fanned 18/17 pattern for control)
Head Size: 475cm² / 74in²
Grip Size: 3 7/8
Balance: Even
Beam: 16mm