Head Novak 23" Junior Tennis Racquet 2024

$34.95 CAD

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Absolutely perfect for beginner juniors aged 6-8, check out the Novak 23" Junior Tennis Racquet from Head.

Named after renowned tennis champion, Novak Djokovic, this racquet will help a beginner junior get to grips with their tennis. The racquet is made of aluminium and features Head's Damp+ insert to reduce vibration and ease the impact on contact with the ball.

Finally, the vibrant design features some awesome patterns, Head branding, and Novak's name printed on the side, in case you need to look anywhere for inspiration!

Head Novak 23" Junior Tennis Racquet 2024

The colorful NOVAK 23 TENNIS RACQUET, which is named after Novak Djokovic, is perfect for boys between 6 and 8 who want to try tennis for the first time.