Head Lynx Tour 17 Gauge Champagne Tennis String Set

$14.99 CAD

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Geared towards maximum control when attacking the ball, the Head Lynx Tour 17 Gauge String is designed to help you execute a powerful swing with confidence.

The string has a co-polyester monofilament composition meaning it should stand the test of time whilst still being comfortable, and if you're looking for some extra spin, the Lynx Tour string assists spin-friendly precision too!

This thinner 17g version will allow you to access some superb spin and power.

Head Lynx Tour 17 Gauge Champagne Tennis String Set 

Designed for the harder hitting intermediate to advanced level player the unique 6-edge design of this co-polyester will provide the ultimate blend of control and spin. A monofilament made out of a new co-polymer mixture which also increases the durability, whilst being still comfortable to play.

Gauge: 1.25 mm / 17 g