Head Gravity Tour Lite 2023 Pickleball Paddle

$149.95 CAD

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The 2023 Head Gravity Tour Lite pickleball paddle is here! This awesome paddle has the same flip design as other Gravity models but is slightly lighter, more maneuverable, and fast to play with.

The Head Gravity Tour Lite paddle has a huge sweet spot that provides players with an exquisite blend of forgiveness, power, and an ultra-soft feel on impact. This paddle has a Hybrid Hitting Surface that helps you deliver explosive pace with accurate control, plus, the special 'Spinon' lacquer applied to the face creates a higher point of friction resulting in massive spin potential.

The 2023 Gravity Tour Lite sports comes with Head's Ergo Grip, creating a softer feel that dampens vibration for ultimate comfort and playability, plus, the Handle Stabilizer combined with the paddle's Extreme 3D Spin Technology helps you play a calculated attacking game. Finally, just look at that hypnotic spiral pattern on the face of the paddle!

Head Gravity Tour Lite 2023 Pickleball Paddle

The all new Gravity Lite comes with the same massive sweetspot shape and distinctive flip design but is lighter and a lot more maneuverable. It also combines HEAD's latest technologies that work together for an ultimate paddle experience. The Hybrid Hitting Surface provides a truly superior blend of power, comfort, control and stability, while its HEAD's Sweetspot Power Core takes care of the unique soft and powerful impact feel. With its Extreme 3D Spin and Handle Stabilizer Technology, the premium Gravity model is perfect for power players who are looking for a slightly lighter version and more maneuverability.

Shape: Standard
Weight: 215g/7.6oz
Length: 400mm/15 3/4in
Width: 206.5mm/8 1/10in
Grip Size: 105mm/4 1/8in, 98mm/3 7/8in
Core Thickness: 14 mm/3/5 in
Core Material: PP + CF + GF
Approved: USA Pickleball Approved