Head BOOM TEAM Tennis Racquet (2024)

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Brand new to 2024, check out this awesome updated version of the Head BOOM TEAM Tennis Racquet. It's ideal for intermediate-level players looking for a forgiving frame that provides great power and sensational feel.

Weighing just 275 grams, the 2024 BOOM TEAM is incredibly maneuverable, plus, its even balance point allows you to get all of that weight behind your strikes, meaning you can hit powerful shots with shorter swings.

Manufactured with Head's new Auxetic 2.0 construction, the 2024 BOOM TEAM provides users with incredible levels of feedback and feel on their shots, plus, it also incorporates Head's renowned Graphene Inside technology to strengthen the frame, provide greater stability, and boost energy transfer on contact with the ball.

Other technologies include a unique Morph Beam frame that merges an elongated box beam shaft with a powerful head, Directional Drilling to deliver a plush impact feel, and a Uniform String Pattern for consistent trajectory with each shot. The 2024 BOOM TEAM also has a  Uniform String Pattern, allowing for a consistent ball trajectory on every shot for reliable and forgiving play, and, Power Grommets for (you guessed it) more power.

Head BOOM TEAM Tennis Racquet

Focus on having more fun with the BOOM TEAM 2024. Explosive power is combined with the enhanced, sensational feel of the new Auxetic 2.0 technology so you don’t have to think about anything else but enjoying the moment. Hitting tennis balls is such a pleasure with this racquet that you won’t ever want to stop. The fun-loving BOOM TEAM 2024, which has a more forgiving frame for additional playability, is going to enhance your power and confidence, while the design is fresh and modern.

CPI: 800
Weight (UNSTRUNG): 275 g / 9.7 oz
String Pattern: 16x19
Head Size: 660 cm² / 102 in²
Balance: 330 mm / 0.5 in HL
Length: 685 mm / 27.0 in
Beam: 25

Racquet comes unstrung and without a cover.