Harrow Vapor 110 Squash Racquet

$249.99 CAD

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Harrow has redefined a classic and much-loved frame to create the Vapor 110, a lightweight performance racquet that allows you to swing through the ball fast, speed up the pace of play, and hit with accurate power.

Coming in a stunning bright yellow colour scheme, this racquet is certain to turn a few heads. The Vapor 110 weighs just 110 grams unstrung and has a head-heavy balance point, making it very maneuverable and great for taking the ball early with fast-paced volleys, but, if you can get all of the Vapor 110's weight behind the ball in your swing, it also gives access to some powerful strikes.

This racquet is geared toward more advanced players, it has a traditional frame shape, a smaller sweet spot, and a smaller head size which takes a little more skill to use but, when you can hit that sweet spot consistently, you will access some serious control and accuracy with your shots.

Harrow Vapor 110 Squash Racquet

A fan favorite and classic frame redefined. The Vapor 110 is the newest version of our best selling Vapor Ultralite featuring a new cosmetic and frame weight designation with the same Vapor Ultralite performance and playability. The Vapor 110 has a superior combination of power and control that makes it the obvious choice for top level players and PSA pros.

Balance - Head Heavy
Balance At - 380mm
Color - Yellow/Navy/Red
Composition - Carbon / Graphite
Factory String Tension - 28lbs
Grip - White
Head Shape - Open Throat
Skill Level - Advanced/Pro
String Type - Barrage Pro
Frame Weight - 110g
Finished Weight - 135g