Harrow Response 120 Green & Silver Squash Racquet (2024)

$249.99 CAD

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Coming in a beautifully cool green and silver colour scheme, the 2024 Harrow Response 120 Squash Racquet is absolutely sure to turn a few heads...

Weighing just 120 grams, this lightweight racquet is very maneuverable and fast to play with, making it ideal for players who like to use a shorter swing and add some deception to their shots. However, that doesn't mean it doesn't inject some serious power when you need it, the 2024 Response 120 has an even balance point and teardrop frame shape, both of which will help you hit with some pace!

It also has a 14x18 string pattern that will help you control your shots and guide them into those front corners with sublime accuracy.

Harrow Response 120 Green & Silver Squash Racquet (2024)

The Response 120 features a teardrop design for increased power without sacrificing control and stability. It is well-balanced and aerodynamic through the swing plane with great feel on all shots. Suited for faster paces of play yet perfect for players of all levels.

Balance: Even
String Pattern: 14x18
Composition: Carbon / Graphite
Factory String Tension: 28lbs
Head Shape: Closed Throat
Skill Level: Advanced
String Type: Barrage
Weight: 120g Frame Weight