Harrow Reflex 125 Tarek Momen Signature Series Squash Racquet (2024)

$249.99 CAD

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Playtested and perfected by Egypt's very own Tarek Momen (aka The Viper), the Harrow Reflex 125 Tarek Momen Signature 2024 Squash Racquet is ideal for dynamic style players looking for superb levels of touch with bursts of power when they need it...

Weighing 125 grams, this is certainly a light and maneuverable racquet, meaning that you can react fast and use a shorter swing to access some serious deception, however, it also has a slightly head-heavy balance point, meaning you can get every single gram behind the ball when you're looking to add some power.

If you've watched Momen play before, you'll know just how good he is at cutting in drop shots and volley drop shots with sublime accuracy. The Reflex 125 Tarek Momen Signature assists with just that by delivering a sublimely comfortable feel on every shot.

Harrow Reflex 125 Tarek Momen Signature Series Squash Racquet (2024)

The Reflex 125 was designed, playtested and perfected by perennial PSA World Top 10 player and 2019 World Champion, Tarek Momen. The lightweight teardrop design provides an excellent balance between power and ball control and was achieved by adding a small amount of weight to the swing zone to make it slightly head heavy.

Additional Info:
String: Barrage at 28 pounds.
Weight: 125g
Balance: 360mm
Slightly Head Heavy

Racquet comes strung and without a cover.