Gearbox Pro Power Integra (Fusion) Pickleball Paddle

$379.95 CAD

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If you're looking for a powerful pickleball paddle that allows you to feel and guide every single shot, look no further than the Gearbox Pro Power Integra Pickleball Paddle! Packed with innovative Gearbox technologies, this paddle is bound to enhance your game.

This paddle features the Gearbox patented Integra frame shape that isn't as long as the elongated version to deliver more maneuverability and control, plus, Precision Core Technology creates a massive sweet spot with superior accuracy and consistency for incredibly precise shot performance. Something that is further boosted by the paddle's Smart Dampen proprietary prowess, which delivers a plush, comfortable feel on contact with the ball.

Patented SSTCore Technology included in the Pro Power Integra incorporates a carbon fibre framework, a carbon fibre rib core, and impact-resistant layers on the face to deliver unparalleled energy transfer for explosive response on every single shot. Power Matrix Technology also magnifies the effects of that SSTCore for, you guessed it, even more power! When it comes to spin, the Pro Power Integra Paddle has got you covered too thanks to its TXR Surface Grip, another Gearbox technology that 'catapults' spin rate thanks to the bite it executes on the ball.

A great extra benefit of the Gearbox Pro Power Integra Paddle is that it has Quiet Sound Technology, making it ideal for noise-restricted communities, and, making your shots more audibly deceiving to your opponents.

Gearbox Pro Power Integra (Fusion) Pickleball Paddle

The Pro Power Integra™ paddle is a true marvel of pickleball engineering, unleashing your full potential on the court. Its ingenious Integra™ shape gives the paddle extreme maneuverability, allowing for lightning-fast shots, precise ball placement, and the finesse needed for those delicate drop shots. This Pro paddle strikes the perfect balance between power, touch and feel. With its advanced SSTCore™, this paddle guarantees explosive energy transfer and an expansive, intelligent sweet spot for superior shot accuracy. The Pro Power Integra™ paddle will command authority on the court, elevating your pickleball performance. Its quiet sound will keep your opponent on edge as they try to decipher the sound of your winning shot.

Shape: Integra
Weight: 8oz
Length: 10 1/2"
Width: 7 3/8"
Grip Size: 4”
Handle Length: 5 1/2"
Core Thickness: 14mm
Edgeguard: No
Core Material: Toray T-700 Carbon Fibre
Face Material: Toray T-700 (Raw Carbon Fibre)
Approved: USA Pickleball Approved