Engage Pursuit Pro EX 6.0 Raw T700 Carbon Fibre Pickleball Paddle

$349.95 CAD

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If you're looking to access some real pace in your pickleball game, then the Engage Pursuit Pro EX 6.0 Raw T700 Carbon Fibre Pickleball Paddle could be just what you're looking for!

This paddle has a thicker 5/8" core that is great for accessing a little bit of touch, feel, and precision, qualities that are enhanced by the Vortex Barrier Edge which features a composite injected into the paddle's outer cells to improve vibration-dampening and increases comfort on every shot.

The Pursuit Pro EX 6.0 Raw T700 sports a standard paddle shape making it ideal for one-handed players to hit fast and consistently while feeling every single shot from a large sweet spot, plus, in comparison to the regular EX version of this paddle, the 6.0 version is a little heavier, meaning you can get some weight behind your shots with a larger swing for even more power.

The 'T700' in the name of this paddle refers to its use of Raw Toray T700 Carbon Fiber on the outer surface that provides maximum texture and friction between the ball and surface for unmatched spin.

The Pursuit Pro EX 6.0 Raw T700 is very comfortable to play with, Engage has incorporated Counter Balance Technology to lower the balance point of the paddle for quicker hand speed and less arm fatigue, plus, the paddle's Control Pro Black Polymer Core controls the rate of compression and the rebound rate to make it the softest core on the market today.

Engage Pursuit Pro EX 6.0 Raw T700 Carbon Fibre Pickleball Paddle

Crafted with precision and innovation, this paddle boasts a revolutionary design creating a paddle unlike any other raw T700 paddle on the market.

The Pursuit Pro incorporates engineered layers, featuring an outer Raw T700 skin combined with inner next generation application layers. Through a meticulous bonding process, the engineered layers adhere to Engage’s proprietary Control Pro 'Black' polymer core directly enhancing the interaction (and influence) on the ball.

The Result...the ability for the surface and core to ‘act as one’ holding the ball even longer (with a consistent compression and release) to enable the ultimate experience and playability.

The dynamic fusion of these cutting-edge materials empowers players with unmatched control, increased spin capabilities, the right amount of power, and a gentler impact (for heightened ball feel and precision), taking your game to new heights.

Shape: Standard
Weight: 7.7-8.0oz (lightweight), 8.1-8.5oz (standard weight)
Length: 16"
Width: 8"
Grip Size: 4 3/8"
Handle Length: 5"
Core Thickness: 5/8"
Edgeguard: Yes
Core Material: Control Pro Black Polymer Core
Approved: USAPA listed and approved for tournament play