Dunlop Stage 3 Red & Yellow Tennis Balls Case of 24

$139.99 CAD

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Approved by the ITF, the Dunlop Stage 3 Red & Yellow Tennis Balls are designed for players who are completely new to the game of tennis and looking to get a feel for things!

The Stage 3 Tennis Ball is slightly larger than a standard tennis ball meaning that it's easier to track visually, plus, it also travels through the air more slowly so you've got some time to accurately place your shots.

It also allows beginners to learn how to hit with power without the ball flying out of the court! 

Why not stock up with this awesome case of 24 tins (72 balls in total), you won't be running out anytime soon!

Dunlop Stage 3 Red & Yellow Tennis Balls Case of 24

Hit your very first shots

If you’ve never played tennis before, this is the ball for you. The larger ball flies through the air slower, while the pressureless construction means absolute beginners can hit hard shots without the fear of hitting the ball out of the court. Ideal for coaching and training. Comes in a three-ball polybag. ITF approved.