Dunlop Sonic Core Ultimate 132 Squash Racquet (2022)

$229.99 CAD

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This beautifully updated colourway of the Sonic Core Ultimate 132 by Dunlop is absolutely ideal for accessing incredible amounts of control on every single shot.

With a 132-gram frame weight, a head-light balance point, and a larger head size, this racquet is great for hitting the ball comfortably and accurately with a slightly slower swing without feeling too heavy. It has a dense 16 x 19 string pattern which gives users awesome control over their strikes too. The Ultimate 132 also sports a traditional frame shape with a bridge, further assisting with the racquet's control and sturdiness.

This awesome racquet also boasts Dunlop's Sonic Core Technology, this racquet is manufactured with stability and comfort in mind. Infinergy technology is also incorporated into the frame to reduce vibration levels by up to 37% in comparison to other carbon fibre racquets. This dampening is enhanced by Dunlop's Flex Touch Resin.

Plus, Pocketed Grommets combined with a more aerodynamic cross section in the racket hoop increase the racket head speed for excellent manoeuvrability.

Dunlop Sonic Core Ultimate 132 Squash Racquet (2022)

The Sonic Core series has been developed to offer excellent racket head... so you can hit a shot of pure, focused power, whilst maintaining ultimate control.

Head Size: 500 cm2
Weight: 132 grams 
Balance: Head Light
String Pattern: 16 x 19
Length (cm/in): 68.6 / 27

Racquet comes strung and without a cover