Dunlop Sonic Core Revelation Junior Squash Racquet

$139.99 CAD

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Perfect for junior players looking to reach that next level of power, Dunlop have released the Junior version of the infamous Sonic Core Revelation Squash Racquet and it is awesome!

Boasting Dunlop's Sonic Core Technology, this racquet is manufactured with power, stability, and comfort in mind and the Infinergy® foam included in the frame allows you to play faster and hit harder due to its substantial rebound effect.

The Revelation Junior Squash Racquet sports a tapered shaft to increase the player's ability to whip through the ball fast and also incorporates CXMAX Technology in the streamlined aerodynamic profile, this combines a longer main string to enlarge the sweet spot and move it closer to the top of the racket, giving users even more power.

Dunlop Sonic Core Revelation Junior Squash Racquet

Start to feel your true shot power

This 25-inch junior version of the Revelation 125 is a lightweight, powerful racket ideal for advanced juniors. Specially designed thinner grip for junior players.