Dunlop Sonic Core Iconic 130 Squash Racquet

$229.99 CAD

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Racquets from the Sonic Core range from Dunlop are renowned for their large sweet spots, incredible feel, and unrelenting power... the Sonic Core Iconic 130 is no exception!

With a medium weighting of 130 grams and a head light balance point, the Iconic 130 is ideal for dynamic players who like to vary the pace of play without compromising on accuracy. The racquet features Flex Touch Resin and Sonic Core technologies that offer excellent racket head stability and enhanced comfort, allowing players to dictate the pace of rallies with pin point accuracy and consistency. 

The Iconic 130 has a large sweet spot thanks to its conventional frame shape and 500cm2 head size, and, it also sports Infinergy, an elastic material that reduces vibrations and enhances performance. Finally, this racquet comes with a stunning black and gold cosmetic!

Dunlop Sonic Core Iconic 130 Squash Racquet

A legendary Dunlop control frame brought up to date with added Sonic Core and Flex Touch Resin technologies. Get control with the conventional head and the power from a 500cm2 head shape.

Length: 27"
Weight: 130g
Head Size: 500cm2
String Pattern: 16 x 19
Balance: Head Light

Racquet comes fully strung and without a cover