Dunlop Sonic Core Elite 135 Squash Racquet (2022)

$229.99 CAD

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Coming in an all-new colourway, the Dunlop Sonic Core Elite 135 Squash Racquet is an awesome, control-orientated racquet that also offers exceptional, accurate power with every single strike.

Weighing 135 grams and coming with a head light balance point, this racquet is a little on the heavier side which will help assist in generating pace with a larger swing, however, it still has some maneuverability thanks to its balance point.

The Elite 135 has a generous head size for a racquet with a traditional shaped frame which gives it a larger sweet spot, providing the user with a little more margin for error on miss-hits.

Boasting Dunlop's Sonic Core Technology, this racquet is manufactured with stability and comfort in mind. Infinergy technology is also incorporated into the frame to reduce vibration levels by up to 37% in comparison to other carbon fibre racquets. This is further enhanced thanks to Dunlop's vibration dampening Flex Touch Resin!

Dunlop Sonic Core Elite 135 Squash Racquet (2022)

Its conventional head shape gives players great control, while its large 500cm2 head size offers more power. The hit is very lively due to the shape of a control head and the open 14x18 string pattern.

Head Size: 500 cm2
Weight: 135 grams 
Balance: Head Light
String Pattern: 14 x 18
Length (cm/in): 68.6 / 27

Racquet comes strung and without a cover