Dunlop SX Team 280 Tennis Racquet

$139.99 CAD

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Looking for a light racquet that feels great to play with? The Dunlop SX Team 280 Tennis Racquet could be just what you need to boost your game...

Weighing 280 grams and coming with a larger 100" head size, this lightweight racquet is great for swinging through the ball faster and with a shorter swing, which, when combined with its larger sweet spot, makes it great for volleys and taking balls early.

The SX Team 280 also features Dunlop's renowned AeroSkin technology which is a textured surface that allows smooth airflow over the racquet to reduce drag. The other major technology featured in this racquet is the lightweight HM­₆ Carbon honeycomb design that gives the racquet the ability to naturally absorb impacts while still maintaining its shape.

This racquet also comes with an L2 grip size.

Dunlop SX Team 280 Tennis Racquet

Play with control and spin

This racket offers very good maneuverability, with a weight of 280g and the benefit of AEROSKIN technology. Great for players who want to play with control and spin.

Length (cm/in): 68.6 / 27
Head Size (cm²/in²): 645 / 100
String Pattern: 16x19
Unstrung Weight (g/oz): 280 / 9.9
Beam Width (mm): 23-26-24
Stiffness (RA): 66
Unstrung Balance (m): 330