Dunlop 2023 FX 500 Tennis Racquet

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If you're looking for a fast-playing maneuverable racquet to help you execute an aggressive attacking game, then the 2023 version of the Dunlop FX 500 Tennis Racquet might be just what you're looking for...

Coming with a medium weight of 300 grams (unstrung) and a head light balance point, the FX 500 does a great job of allowing players to swing through the ball fast and access some decent power at the same time. Plus, the racquet's thick 23mm-26mm-23mm beam and large 100cm2 head size makes it very comfortable to play with.

Geared towards intermediate to advanced level tennis players, the 2023 FX 500 is packed with Dunlop technologies. The racquet's re-designed string bed is larger across the main and cross strings to provide even power distribution, particularly at the racket top, plus, string movement generates more power and spin, plus, the aerodynamic power head shape provides a sharp, modern-looking shaft, and, the wider throat provides more stability

Lastly, it also features Dunlop's renowned Sonic Core technology located at the 2 and 10 o’clock areas of the racket made from a super-elastic, super-light material, to offer significant rebound effects as well as enhanced comfort and reduced vibrations.

Dunlop 2023 FX 500 Tennis Racquet

Take on all-corners with the maneuverable and powerful FX 500, the ultimate all-round racket in the range. If you play an attacking game, you’ve now got great spin to back you up and some forgiveness on those off-centre strikes.

Length (cm/in): 68.6 / 27
Head Size (cm²/in²): 645 / 100
String Pattern: 16x19
Unstrung Weight (g/oz): 300 / 10.6
Beam Width (mm): 23-26-23
Stiffness (RA): 69
Unstrung Balance (m): 320