Black Knight

Black Knight Spinergy Pickleball Paddle

$149.99 CAD

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Geared towards pickleball players of all skill levels, the Black Knight Spinergy Pickleball Paddle is ideal for those looking to hit with some serious spin without compromising on accuracy...

Thanks to its traditional frame shape, Polymer Honeycomb Core, and large sweet spot, this paddle is incredibly forgiving on off-centre hits which makes it a lot easier to strike with spin and still hit your targets. This large sweet spot also delivers a reduction in unwanted vibrations to the wrist.

The Spinergy's 3k Woven Carbon face is what really helps you get some bite on the ball for awesome levels of cut, slice, and spin.

Black Knight Spinergy Pickleball Paddle

The Propel Spinergy Pickleball Paddle is a high-performance paddle with exceptional playability featuring an expansive sweet spot for maximum forgiveness. It is the perfect paddle for players of all skill levels.

Shape: Traditional
Weight: 7.95 oz
Length: 15.5"
Width: 8.07"
Handle Length: 5.3 in.

Grip Size: 4.125”
Edgeguard: Yes
Core Material: Polymer Honeycomb
Face Material: 3k Woven Carbon
USA Pickleball Approved: Yes