Black Knight

Black Knight Quicksilver H2 Squash Racquet 2023

$179.99 CAD

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An awesome new squash racquet from Black Knight, the Quicksilver H2 is ideal for players who like to play very fast, take the ball early, and volley often...

Thanks to its light 120-gram weighting and head-light balance point, the Quicksilver H2 best suits players with a short, punchy, deceptive swing style who like to dominate the T by volleying and taking time away from their opponent.

The Quicksilver H2 also has a teardrop head shape which helps users access some extra power, plus, it has a large 495cm2 head size and a generously large sweet spot, allowing users to hit comfortably and control their shots accurately, even if they are slightly off-centre when they hit the string bed.

Black Knight Quicksilver H2 Squash Racquet 2023

The Quicksilver H2's teardrop head makes this the lightest model of the Quicksilver series giving it the quickest swing speed for control, maneuverability and power. The large sweet spot ensures that your shots are consistently powerful and accurate, while the light weight allows you to hold shots for longer periods of time to create better deception.

Head Size: 495 sq. cm​
Weight: 120g​
Head Shape: Teardrop​​
Balance: Head Light​
Rigidity Index: 88 Med​​
String: Ashaway SuperNick ZX Micro
String Colour: Black
Recommended String Tension: 25-29lbs.
String Pattern: 14x18