Black Knight

Black Knight Pro X Squash Racquet 2023

$189.99 CAD

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The Black Knight Pro X Squash Racquet is perfect for players who like to take control by using pace, taking the ball early, and taking time away from their opponent.

Weighing 130 grams, the Pro X is a medium-weighted racquet so you can access a bit of power, however, since it has a head-light balance point, you can swing through the ball very fast with a shorter swing, making it excellent for volleying.

The Pro X has a teardrop head shape which helps increase power, however, it also has a large sweet spot which is combined with a stiffer feeling frame, giving users access to some serious precision and control, what a racquet!

Black Knight Pro X Squash Racquet 2023

The PRO-X is a lightweight teardrop frame that has had great feedback and aggressive balance. It is a very fast swinging racquet that has a surprising amount of power behind each shot. Featuring a large sweet spot, and a unique rigid cross section profile, ball striking is very precise with the large 475 sq cm frame.

Head Size: 475 sq. cm​
Weight: 130g​
Head Shape: Teardrop​​
Balance: Head Light​
Rigidity Index: 90 Stiff​​
String: Ashaway SuperNick XL Micro
String Colour: Yellow, Red & Blue
Recommended String Tension: 25-29lbs.
String Pattern: 14x18