Black Knight

Black Knight Ion Galaxy PS Squash Racquet 2022

$209.99 CAD

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Ideal for doubles play, the Black Knight Ion Galaxy PS Squash Racquet is strong, durable, and powerful!

Sporting a dense 16 x 19 string pattern and a heavier weighting of 135 grams (unstrung), you can certainly get some weight behind the ball, however, this racquet's head light balance point provides access to a bit of head speed and maneuverability too. The Ion Galaxy PS has a large 500cm2 head size giving it a large sweet spot and forgiving string bed, plus, Black Knight have used some awesome technologies to make this racquet even greater...

Nano Crystalline technology (NCT) is built into the carbon fibre to reduce vibration and boost durability which is even further enhanced by Thermal Core technology (TC) for a more responsive hit, and 16K fibres incorporate 16,000 individual strands woven together for even more frame strength. The last (and perhaps the most important) update to the Ion Galaxy PS is its super durable and thick Power Surge (PS) shaft bridge and throat.

Black Knight Ion Galaxy PS Squash Racquet 2022

Rigidity Index: 93 stiff
Frame Weight: 140 g
Head Size: 500 cm2
Dynamic Weight: 135
String Pattern: 16 x 19
Balance: Head light

The Black Knight Ion Galaxy squash racquet uses Thermal Core technology. This heats the racquet core to higher temperature during the curing phase, so that the racquet structure is cured uniformly inside and out. This Thermal Core modification to the carbon fibres makes the frame extremely responsive - stiff yet playing with the reactive properties of a more flexible frame. The resulting hit is the best of both worlds - the control of a very stiff frame with the power of a more flexible frame.

Racquet comes strung and without a cover