Black Knight

Black Knight HEX Phenom 2023 Squash Racquet

$219.99 CAD

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The Black Knight HEX Phenom is designed with feel, comfort, and responsiveness in mind, making it ideal for players who like to control every shot and dominate using precision...

The HEX Phenom has a large 500cm2 head size which gives it a larger, more forgiving sweet spot, plus, the racquet's use of Thermal Core Technology in the frame provides sublime response on contact with the ball and improved durability too. 

Weighing 135 grams, the HEX Phenom is on the heavier side and, it also has a head-heavy balance point which makes it ideal for players with a slower, larger, more sweeping style of swing looking to strike their shots with power and accuracy.

Lastly, this racquet has a thinner, stiffer, more aerodynamic frame that recovers back to shape quickly after you strike the ball.

Black Knight HEX Phenom 2023 Squash Racquet

The HEX Phenom squash racquet increases shot consistency with an added potential power for players with an aggressive style of playing. The racquet features Black Knight's slim profile without compromising the strength of the frame. The thinner frame improves stability and allows for a faster recovery time after ball impacts. The Thermal Core technology allows for a more responsive hit and greater structural strength.

Head Size: 500 sq. cm​
Head Shape: Bridged​​
Balance: Head Heavy​
Rigidity Index: 90 Stiff​​
String: Ashaway SuperNick ZX Micro
String Colour: Black
Recommended String Tension: 25-29lbs.
String Pattern: 14x18