Black Knight

Black Knight Force Bold Squash Racquet 2023

$149.99 CAD

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If you're looking for a durable racquet that is comfortable and easy to play with, the Black Knight Force Bold Squash Racquet is just for you...

Thanks to it's massive 523cm2 head size, this racquet has a huge hitting surface and a massive sweet spot, meaning that off-centre hits will be forgiven and you can be confident in your shots going where you want them to.

Weighing 140 grams, the Force Bold is a little on the heavier side which makes it great for accessing powerful strikes, however, since it has a head light balance point, it is still maneuverable if you need to react a little quicker.

Last, but not least, with this new frame, Black Knight has incorporated VibraPlate technology and a Bubble shaft design that absorbs vibrations making for a very comfortable feeling on contact with the ball.

Black Knight Force Bold Squash Racquet 2023

The Force Bold squash racquet is designed to provide incredible power, with its massive hitting surface using its 523 sq cm head size (largest in the industry) while also incorporating the VibraPlate technology and Bubble shaft design to reduce vibration, this racquet is one of the easiest racquets to use to dominate the court.

Head Size: 523 sq. cm​
Head Shape: Teardrop​
Balance: Head Light​
Rigidity Index: 92 Stiff​​
String: Ashaway SuperNick XL Titanium
String Colour: Silver, Red & Blue
Recommended String Tension: 25-29lbs.