Black Knight

Black Knight Contour Replacement Grip

$7.99 CAD

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Keep your playing hand dry, cool, and comfortable with the awesome Contour Replacement Grip from Black Knight...

This incredible replacement grip has a thick, cushioned feel to it, however, thanks to its ridged EVA contours, players can maintain a strong and secure hold on their racquet and maintain the accuracy of their hitting.

The Contour Replacement Grip also has breathable holes to help keep your hands (and the grip) as dry as possible, further reducing the risk of slippage.

Black Knight Contour Replacement Grip

One of BK’s most popular grips, the 3-dimensional Contour Re-Grip does not just lie flat on the racquet handle like most grips but features a ridge of EVA foam that creates a cushioned contoured surface for a comfortable secure grip. The Contour Re-Grip is sold one per package. Thickness: 1.5mm plus foam ridge. Length: 110 cm. The Contour Re-Grip was formerly known as the T.U.F. Re-Grip.