Black Knight

Black Knight Supreme Pickleball Paddle

$199.99 CAD

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If you're looking for a powerful pickleball paddle that delivers excellent levels of playability and a huge sweet spot, we would highly recommend checking out the Black Knight Supreme Pickleball Paddle...

Featuring a thin 14mm Polymer Honeycomb core, you can certainly deliver some pace with this paddle, something that is enhanced by its cut-out section in the throat which allows for faster, more aero-dynamic short swings. The Supreme Paddle's edgeless profile also maximises surface area to spread the sweet spot out and reduce your risk of mis-hitting the ball.

When it comes to spin, the Black Knight Supreme Pickleball Paddle has got you covered thanks to its textured grit surface that boosts friction on contact with the ball to provide powerful cut and slice on every single strike.

Black Knight Supreme Pickleball Paddle

The Reign Supreme Pickleball Paddle is a premium pickleball paddle crafted to deliver a dynamic blend of force and extended reach. This professional-grade paddle caters to a wide range of players, offering exceptional performance across the board.

Shape: Elongated
Weight: 8.01 oz
Length: 16.375 in.
Width: 7.4"
Core Thickness: 14 mm
Handle Length: 5.5 in.

Grip Size: 4.125"
Edgeguard: No
Core Material: Polymer Honeycomb
Face Material: 3k Woven Carbon Fibre
USA Pickleball Approved: Yes