Joola Ben Johns Perseus 3 16mm Pickleball Paddle

$377.95 CAD

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Introducing Joola's latest update to one of their most renowned paddles, check out the Ben Johns Perseus 3 16mm Pickleball Paddle, it's perfect for attacking players looking to hit hard, hit accurately, and apply maximum spin to their strikes. Created in collaboration with Ben Johns, arguably the best pickleball player in the world, you know that this paddle is something special!

Joola have updated to key features of the paddle to make it (somehow) even better. The first is the new Charged Carbon Surface that incorporates an additive bonding treatment to strengthen the surface of the paddle, providing a crisp feel, greater energy return, and some lovely pop. The second is the Propulsion Core, a patent-pending technology that boosts power on drives, counters, and speed-ups while delivering refined feel and control on resets, drops, and dinks.

The core of this version of the Perseus 3 is slightly thicker at 16mm, making it superb for hitting with more control. The paddle also sports an elongated shape so you have that little bit more reach to take volleys early and proactively. 

Last, but not least, the edge of this paddle features Gradient Edge Shield technology for added durability, plus, it's injected with specialised Hyperfoam for more consistent waiting and stability on every swing.

Joola Ben Johns Perseus 3 16mm Pickleball Paddle

The JOOLA Perseus Pickleball Paddle now comes equipped with revolutionary Gen 3 technology and is the official 2024 paddle of world #1 Ben Johns. Designed with Ben Johns’ engineering background and countless hours of testing, JOOLA’s Gen 3 paddles feature a patent-pending Propulsion Core that doesn’t compromise between power and control. This paddle is packed with power but also gives you the ability to excel at the kitchen line by expertly controlling your shots. Further enhanced by the durability of a Charged Carbon surface that provides consistent play across the life of the paddle. Each JOOLA Gen 3 paddle comes with an embedded NFC chip that unlocks an extended 12-month warranty through an easy to navigate registration process. As a bonus, you will get a free month of access to exclusive content on the JOOLA Connect App.

Surface: Charged Carbon Surface
Core: Propulsion Core
Core (mm): 16
Control: 97
Power: 97
Spin: 98
USAPA Approved: Yes
Average Weight: 8oz
Paddle Length: 16.5in
Paddle Width: 7.5in
Grip Type: Feel-Tec Pure
Grip Length: 5.5in
Grip Circumference: 4.25in