Babolat RPM Rough 17G Black Tennis String Set

$27.99 CAD

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A durable, reliable string with access to all the spin you could ever need, the RPM Rough Spin Max Tennis String is certainly one for those attacking-style players...

Thanks to its octagonal shape and textured surface, this co-polyester string does an awesome job of 'biting' the ball, giving players access to some serious spin. The Babolat RPM Rough 17G Tennis String ticks all the boxes of an incredible tennis string and is absolutely ideal for players who like to attack.

This 17g version of the string is a little thinner than the 16g version, meaning that it delivers excellent feel, comfort, and bite. If you're an aggressive-style player who's looking to experiment with some serious spin, the RPM Rough Spin Max will suit you perfectly!

Babolat RPM Rough 17G Black Tennis String Set

If you want to WIN, you need to use SPIN. The RPM Rough tennis string gives you great spin. You can actually feel the string texture. And the texture gives every stroke more bite. No wonder this string is used by the world's best players, including Félix Auger-Aliassime. Made in France.

Your racquet's strings are its driving force. In fact, they account for half its performance. In other words, you need to choose carefully. We invented tennis strings in 1875. Since then, we've been coming up with innovations to help you play your best game and have ever more fun on the court.