Babolat RPM Blast Black Tennis String Reel 200m 17gauge

$309.95 CAD

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If you're a tennis player who values control and consistency looking to add exceptional levels of spin to your game, then the Babolat RPM Blast could be just what you need...

 The RPM Blast has an octagonal structure and rough high-density copolyester texture to grip the ball and help you access serious spin, plus, the string is made from a co-polyester compound, making it very durable and perfect for hard hitters.

The RPM family of strings is known for providing users with optimum control and accuracy from every single shot and the RPM Blast is absolutely no exception. This thin 17 gauge version of the RPM Blast will help you generate some serious power, spin, and feel.

Babolat RPM Blast Black Tennis String Reel 200m 17gauge

RPM Blast brings heavy spin and maximum control to your game. As you swing big with full strokes, RPM Blast consistently performs and lives up to the hype. You’ll be ripping winners, hitting dipping pass shots, and creating angles you didn’t know existed. Just ask Rafa. Or his opponents. Made in France.

Your strings are the engine of your racquet. Half of your racquet’s performance comes from your strings. Which means choosing the right string is important. We invented tennis string in 1875. And we’ve been innovating ever since, so you can play your best and enjoy the game more than ever