Babolat Pure Strike 98 16x19 Tennis Racquet (4th Gen)

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When it comes to the Pure Strike range by Babolat, it's all in the name, and, the 4th Gen version of the Pure Strike 98 16x19 Tennis Racquet is perfect for players who like to proactively attack with controlled, yet powerful strikes.

The open 16x19 string pattern is ideal for hitting with power, and, thanks to its medium 305 gram weighting and central balance point, with the 4th Gen Pure Strike 98 16x19 Racquet, you can get every gram of weight behind the ball using a larger swing to hit through the ball firmly and powerfully.

When it comes to technology, this racquet does not fall short! The Babolat Pure Strike 98 16x19 Tennis Racquet (4th Gen) features NF²-TECH vibration filtering technology provides you with superb levels of feel while creating a more muffled sound (thanks to its use of linen fibres) for even more feelings of control.

But, the real control of this racquet comes from the Frame String Interaction Control technology by combining a tighter string pattern for greater control with a Woofer system that increases the contact time between the ball and the string for more sensations.

Babolat Pure Strike 98 16x19 Tennis Racquet (4th Gen)

We developed the new Pure Strike 16/19 tennis racket so you can do your best on the court and hit the ball with complete confidence. This racket is the reference for aggressive counterattackers with large swing ranges looking to channel their natural power. The 4th generation of the Pure Strike tennis racket benefits from the best technologies to give you more control and sensations at impact to reach the desired areas.Create your game and dominate your shots with total confidence!

Head size: 98in2/632 cm²
Length: 685mm
Weight (without strings): 305 g +/- 7 g
Balance: 320mm +/- 7
Rotational inertia: 305
String pattern: 16/19
Stiffness (RA): 68 +/- 3
Profile width: 21-23-21
Composition: Graphite