Asics Gel Challenger 14 White & Black Men's Tennis Shoes

$159.95 CAD

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The latest version of the Asics Gel Challenger has arrived! The Gel Challenger 14 is perfect for tennis players looking for stability, support, and confidence on every single movement they make...

Asics have made sure to pack the Gel Challenger with a bunch of awesome technologies, including a PGUARD™ toe protector and an AHARPLUS™ outsole for enhanced durability, an OrthoLite™ removable sock liner for soft step-in comfort, and DYNAWING technology for boosted stability.

Of course, the Gel Challenger 14 sports Asics' legendary GEL® cushioning in the rearfoot for optimum shock absorption and a softer feeling foot strike.

Asics Gel Challenger 14 White & Black Men's Tennis Shoes

The GEL-CHALLENGER 14 tennis shoe creates the stability you need when you're covering the baseline, so you can keep your mind focused on controlling the point.​

The shoe's supportive upper keeps your feet locked-in on the shoe's platform. It creates a reinforced feel during volleys or when you're dropping back to track down deep lob shots.​

DYNAWING technology is placed in the sidewall to improve stability during side-to-side movements. This feature offers good support, so you can step into your shot and stroke the ball with more pace.​

The outsole also features a separated heel construction to help you experience better stability during abrupt landings.