Asics Blast FF 3 White & Sapphire Women's Indoor Court Shoes

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The Blast FF from Asics is renowned for being incredibly supportive, stable, and protective during high-impact sports like squash, and the new Blast FF 3 is the latest and greatest updated version...

With the Blast FF 3, Asics have updated the forefoot design to make it far more flexible, especially when changing direction fast.

On top of that, this awesome shoe features an abundance of Asics technologies including lightweight FLYTEFOAM® cushioning for boosted comfort on high-impact movements as well as a MONO-SOCK™ upper for improved ankle support.

Also, TURNTRUSS™ technology further improves stability when twisting, making the Blast FF 3 ideal for athletes of all standards looking for a supportive shoe that they can really rely on.

Asics Blast FF 3 White & Sapphire Women's Indoor Court Shoes 

The BLAST FF™ 3 model is designed to provide advanced stability for athletes performing dynamic movements on offense and defense. By revamping the upper's forefoot design, we were able to make this shoe more flexible for multi-directional movements. Our designers also added a MONO-SOCK™ construction for a better hold around the ankle. Lastly, the TURNTRUSS™ component in the rear lateral section of the outsole facilitates smoother transitions between each stride.