Ashaway UltraNick 18 360 Reel Squash String Blue

$234.95 CAD

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The Ashaway UltraNick 18 Squash String is a premium string for those that like a little thinner string than the normal 17 gauge string found in most squash racquets. It features a multifilament core that increases power, resilience, and really helps control tension loss. It features a braided surface that helps with control and spin which is really beneficial to the squash player. Being an 18 gauge string it bites in to the ball really well which further aides control and spin. Ashaway's UltraNick 18 String is a great choice for someone looking for a premium string that won't lose its tension and will really cut in to the ball

Ashaway UltraNick 18 Squash String Blue Reel

• Zyex multifilament core increases power and resilience
• Zyex multifilament core prevents tension loss
• Braided surface maximizes control and increases spin
• 18 gauge (1.15 mm) maximizes durability and string life
• 110 m

When stringing it is recommended to string 10-15% lower than you normally would compared to a tradition nylon string.