Ashaway Supernick ZX Micro Orange Squash String Set

$24.95 CAD

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The Supernick ZX Micro squash string from Black Knight provides the highest standard of touch and feel...

If you're looking for precision and touch, then this is the string for you. In comparison to the regular Supernick ZX string, the Supernick ZX Micro is only 1.15mm in diameter, although this may reduce the durability slightly, the enhanced feel you'll be getting is well worth it!

With this in mind, this string can still stand the test of time as it is assisted by the ZX layer which helps to increase durability and tension maintenance. The Supernick ZX Micro also has a textured surface which vastly improves the potential to access spin!

Ashaway Supernick ZX Micro Orange Squash String Set 

SuperNick® ZX Micro is 1.15 mm in diameter with a multifilament nylon core for optimum ball control and precise touch. The hi-tech ZX wear layer and thinner 1.15mm gauge provide a superior combination of toughness and playability, while the textured surface maximizes the ability to impart spin and cut the ball.