Ashaway Supernick XL Micro 30' Set Squash String

$24.95 CAD

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The Ashaway SuperNick XL Micro is an 18 gauge string that offers great playability. Like all SuperNick it is a very textured string. As the string is quite textured it really grabs the ball well and allowing the player to control the ball. As it is a bit thinner than standard squash string which is usually 17 gauge it should be strung at a bit lower tension to get the same performance. The thinner gauge also really helps the string but in to the ball and grip the ball which helps the player control it. This string is found in a lot of premium racquets from the factory.

Ashaway SuperNick XL Micro Squash String

The Ashaway SuperNick XL Micro features a multifilament construction for gut-like performance. The lighter gauge helps resiliency and ball control. It is made of nylon filaments. It is a primarily yellow string but has red and blue spirals through it. The reel is 110m.

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